Deposit - Whole Beef Summer 2021

Deposit - Whole Beef Summer 2021

$1000 Non-Refundable Deposit for Whole Beef
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The cost for our 100% Grassfed & Finished Certified Angus Beef is $4.00 per pound based on hanging weight, typical hanging weight for our angus beef is between 650-750 lbs. The take home weight is typically 60 to 65% of the hanging weight. 

Customer is responsible for submitting cutting selections to the butcher, paying processing costs (~$500 per beef), and picking up finished products from the butcher.

For whole beef shares, you can customize your cuts! A whole beef will require 20 cubic feet of freezer space. 

A typical BEEF share will include a mix of steaks, roasts, ground and stew meat. Roughly speaking, 45% of your meat will be roasts and stew (chuck, shoulder, rump, arm etc.), 25% will be steaks (sirloin, rib, T-bone, tenderloin etc.), and 30% ground. In addition to meat, you have the option of requesting soup bones, dog bones, and/or offal (oxtail, kidney, tongue, heart, tallow). Cuts and yields will vary depending on animal and cut selections.

Our Certified Angus beef is 100% Grass-fed & finished, and all our animals are bred and humanely raised on over 2400 acres. Our herd genetics continues to deliver excellent marbling on grass, currently a 5 star rating from customers! 100% grass-fed beef is lower in calories and saturated fat, higher in Omega 3 and Vitamins A & E when compared to grain-fed beef.

Buying beef by the share allows for the animal to be humanely harvested on the same farm where it was born, minimizing stress which is critical in producing a high-quality finished product. After our harvest, our beef is dry-aged, which result is tender texture, deep color and a big ‘beefy’ flavor from a source that you can trust. All cuts are professional wrapped and clearly labeled, preventing freezer burn and maintaining freshness in our freezer for at least a year.



100% grass-fed and finished Certified Angus Beef