Deposit - 1/4 Beef Summer 2021

Deposit - 1/4 Beef Summer 2021

$250 Non-Refundable Deposit for 1/4 Beef
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Beef Share Info

Buying in bulk is time saving and more economical for families who eat healthy every day. Our Certified Angus beef is 100% Grass-fed & finished, and all our animals are born and humanely raised on over 2400 acres. Our herd genetics continues to deliver excellent marbling on grass, currently a 5 star rating from customers! 100% grass-fed beef is lower in calories and saturated fat, higher in Omega 3 and Vitamins A & E when compared to grain-fed beef. Our cattle are raised and finished on 100% grass consisting of high-qulity forages, then dry age for 14 days to produce premium angus beef. Our beef has a tender texture, deep color and a big ‘beefy’ flavor from a source that you can trust. When you pick up your beef, each piece is individually wrapped, labeled and quick frozen for your freezer.

At harvest, you will receive an invoice based on the weight of an actual animal you receive. The cost is $4.00/lb on the hanging weight of the animal, plus the processing costs. The total price per quarter will be in the range of $750 to $850. Taking deposits for July 2021 harvest!

Each quarter will take about 4-5 cu ft of freezer space

Deposits for Beef: $250 for 1/4 share, $500 for 1/2, $100 for whole

Breakdown of bulk costs:

Approximate 1/4 Hanging Weight: 150 lbs
Cost: $4.00/lb ($4 x 150= $600)
Butcher Fees: $150*
Approximate Take-Home Weight (60-65% of hanging weight): 100 lbs meat + bones and/or organs  if kept

Total Cost per Pound: $7.50/lb*

Approximate final total cost for 1/4 Beef: $750.00*

*prices change based on actual weights

Our Quarter Beef is offered with a standard cut that will be about half steaks and roasts, and half stew and ground. (Numbers are approximate.) If you order a quarter the butcher can only cut this way, as you are splitting a half with another person to ensure the best selection of cuts possible. Custom cutting is available on 1/2 and whole beef.



100% grass-fed and finished Certified Angus Beef