1/4 Beef Deposit for December 2020

1/4 Beef Deposit for December 2020

$250 Non-Refundable Deposit for 1/4 Beef
$125.00 savings
$375.00 $250.00
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Our herd spends the warm months rotating to fresh grass, and in the winter months, they eat hay that we cut throughout those plentiful summer months. Our Scottish Highland-Angus grass-fed beef is our favorite beef because of the remarkable flavor. All of our beef is 100% chemical, hormone, and antibiotic free. Our cattle lead truly beautiful lives where they are born and spend their entire lives on our farm. Why is this important to us? Because we care about the lives all our animals lead, even if their ultimate purpose is to feed our family and yours.

Anticipated harvest - December 2020, beef will be ready to be picked up in January.

$250 non-refundable deposit due per quarter at time of order. Total cost for meat is $4.50 per pound based on hanging weight, to be invoiced at harvest less deposit. Average hanging weight for a whole beef is approximately 650 pounds. The take home weight is typically 60 to 65% of the hanging weight, depending on how you have the meat cut.

Customer responsible for submitting cutting instructions to the butcher, paying processing costs (~$150 per quarter), and picking up finished products from the butcher. Complimentary home delivery is being offered in the Eugene-Portland, within 10 miles of I5.

A typical BEEF share will include a mix of steaks, roasts, ground and stew meat. Roughly speaking, 45% of your meat will be roasts and stew (chuck, shoulder, rump, arm etc.), 25% will be steaks (sirloin, rib, T-bone, tenderloin etc.), and 30% ground. In addition to meat, you have the option of requesting soup bones, dog bones, and/or offal (oxtail, kidney, tongue, heart, tallow). Cuts and yields will vary depending on animal and cut selections. 

Total estimated cost for 1/4 beef share for 650lb steer - $872.75 ( $731.25 to Rossallini Farm for the meat and $141.50 for processing) for roughly 100 pounds of meat to take home. 

1/4 beef share requires 5 cubic feet of freezer space. 



100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef